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Niemonds Independent Church

We extend a special welcome to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ at NIC who recently experienced a devastating fire that resulted in the total loss of their building. Thank you for accepting the invitation to use our facilities. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Make yourself at home. Find your way to our kitchen and have a coffee. We also extend our prayers, skills, and talents to you as well. Discover the layout of our building through our Virtual Tour.

Bunkertown folks. Take the time to discover more about Niemonds Independent Church. Learn about their history, missions, beliefs, ministry, recent fire, healing service, and their plans for the future. Most of all, continue to pray for them.


... to the Bunkertown Church of the Brethren. We are glad that you could stop by and give us a digital visit. If you're ever in the central Pennsylvania area, we would be even happier if you gave us a "warm-body" visit. Use the following navigation menu to learn more about us, understand our emphasis on mission outreach, get traveling directions, view photos of our activities, review our activity calendar, and especially know the times of services.

Our building is fully Accessible and designed from the "ground-up" for your special needs issues. Journey along the Virtual Tour so you'll better understand our facility and hopefully feel right at home - before you leave your home.

Your First Visit

The first visit to any new church can be slightly discomforting, especially when you don’t know anyone or how things are conducted. It’s so much more enjoyable to have been invited by a friend who can prepare you for that first experience. Our eBrochure is intended to be that special friend. Flip through the pages and get acquainted with us. Pages can be changed by dragging from the corners or by clicking the left and right arrows.

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