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Welcome to Operation Arctic!

July 17-21, 2017 : 5:45-8:30 p.m.
for children ages 3 - 12

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Every day, our kids are bombarded with the message that the Bible isn't the true Word of God, that it can't be trusted to tell us the truth about the past or, more importantly, about how we can receive the gift of eternal life.

At Operation Arctic, your kids will warm up to the Word as they explore the Coolest Book on the planet and discover how we can know for sure that the Bible is God's written word to us!

Two words: Real life. In this day and age, it's vital that we teach our children the Bible is more than just a dusty book of stories. We need to show them God's Word connects to every area of life and is just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago, so they will know its amazing message of salvation is true!

Recent surveys show that nearly 70% of "Christian" kids grow up and walk away from the church. One of the main reasons is because they have not been taught basic apologetics. Answers In Genesis VBS programs are designed to answer the key questions that cause so many young people to walk away from the Lord.

So, grab your parka and snow boots! For VBS 2017, we're headed deep into the stunning Arctic Circle that is filled with treasure and thrilling to explore! And be sure to pack your Bible—we'll be learning all Dog about that breathtakingly beautiful Book that is filled with treasure and thrilling to explore! As we venture into the cold tundra, we'll discover that the BIBLE:

Let's plunge on in to this cold world and God's wonderful Word! Operation Arctic promises to be a flurry of fun and excitement! Let's go!

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