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Photo Gallery

2019 Mother Daughter Banquet
Haiti 2019
2019 Seder Meal
2019 Birthday Supper
2018 Christmas
2018 The Ball Brothers
2018 Jim Brady Trio
2018 Goodling-Seger
2018 Church Float
2018 Vacation Bible School
2018 Mother & Daughter Banquet
Cantata at Locust Grove
2018 Birthday Supper
2018 Easter Cantata
2017 Christmas Nativity
Christmas Angel Program
2017 Rally Day
2017 Haiti Team Auction
2017 Parade Float
2017 Mother & Daughter Banquet
2017 Easter Cantata
2017 Birthday Supper
Choir 2016
2016 Rally Day
2016 Welcome Center
Faith Preschool
New Front Signage
Entrance Decoration
Abortions Each Day
God Reigns - Son Shines

Photo Archive

Thousands of photographs have been taken of our present worship facility, the membership, and numerous events. Some appear in the Web Photo album that sets on the memorabilia case. A large number of them are being converted into digital albums for online viewing in our Photo Archive.

The Rainbow Story

Learn the story behind the Perfectly Arched Rainbow that briefly appeared over our church. One person quickly snapped the photo which unfortunately included lots of unwanted wires and a large shadow of his house. The photo was later given to another person who scanned it and spent a few days using expensive software to carefully remove wires, house shadow, and then generally enhancing the final photo.

Photo Puzzles

We thought you might like to have some fun with our photographs, so we turned a few of them into jigsaw puzzles. You can download them to your own computer and play at your leisure. It's not necessary to be online in order to play. Each puzzle is a self-contained executable (.exe) program. Installation is unnecessary. If your virus software gives an alert during the process, just indicate that it is safe to download. Please first read our Instructions to better understand how to play.

Beginners    50 ± pieces / 10-15 minutes / pieces not rotated / simple colors

Christmas Puzzle
Apples Puzzle
Front Entrance Puzzle
Front Entrance

Intermediate    100 ± pieces / 20-40 minutes / pieces not rotated / mix of colors

Offering Puzzle
Banquet Offering
Lenten Cross Puzzle
Lenten Cross
Easter Lilies Puzzle
Easter Lilies

Salad Puzzle
Chandelier Puzzle

Advanced    200 ± pieces / 40-60 minutes / PIECES ROTATED / complex colors

Library Puzzle
Fun Night Puzzle
Fun Night
Harvest Home Puzzle
Harvest Home

Bear Friends
Bear Friends
River Stones
River Stones

Expert    300 ± pieces / 60-90 minutes / pieces not rotated / variated color tones

Piano Strings Puzzle
Piano Strings
Jesus Puzzle
Jesus Praying
Poinsettia Puzzle

Note: Pieces in the ADVANCED set have been rotated. In other words, a scattered piece with a flat edge along the top might actually be a side or bottom piece. This adds a greater dimension to your puzzle pleasure. The other sets have not been rotated. When you begin, each of the scattered pieces will appear exactly as when finished.

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